Man 's Relationship Between God And God

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Man’s relation to God distinguished God from his creation. Firstly, Man was made in God’s image, therefore they desire to communicate with God. They also recognize the need to obey God’s authority. Secondly, God created man in His likeness, however he gave man free choice to live. “Man was made for the test; he was created on probation.” However, God also created man to be morally akin to Himself. Two signs of God’s self in man appeared as righteousness and holiness. Adam struggled with two choices: one of which yielded blessings and one of which yielded regrets, the tree of life, or the tree of death. In the garden, God placed many trees of life, but only on tree leading to death. This required effort to yield to the forbidden fruit. God “always places the weight of His influence on the side of right.” The Tempter, however, used distractions, desires, doubts, and a moment of decision to convince Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit. Adam and Eve experienced at least four consequences as a result of their sin. They lost the glory God gave them. They also lost their honor and law. They no longer ruled, instead they worked. Adam and Eve also experienced death. Death depicted itself first spiritually, in that they were separated from God. Then they experienced complete death, in that they no longer lived physically or spiritually. Adam and Eve found guilt and many sinful tendencies such as living in a disproportionate image of God due to their sin, loss of fellowship with God,

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