Managing Cultural Diversity : An Organization

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Managing cultural diversity workplaces are a challenge that has the potential to influence organization positively or negatively. People are an organization’s most important key of assets and knowing how to maximize their abilities is critical to success. Utilizing diversity and acknowledging, appreciating will help build the resources that business needs to be successful now and in the future. Australia has seen dramatic changes in the structure of its workplace. Now made up of women, immigrants, and minorities are increasing percentage of workplace. In addition to these workers, who speak variety different languages, approaches to work, and have varying customs, the population is also getting older, requiring people who are from…show more content…
There is no accurate definition of 'multiculturalism '. According to Koleth in Australia, ' Multiculturalism has served a variety of objectives over the years, including, the pursuit of social justice, appreciation of diversity and the recognition of identities, the integration of migrants, nation building, and attempts to achieve and maintain social cohesion.’ The Keating government was particularly focused on linking multiculturalism to the Australian value of ‘fair go’ (Koleth, 2010, p60).
Multiculturalism has evolved as the dominant bipartisan policy approach to address Australia 's cultural diversity since the early 1970s.
Since that time momentous advances have been made in the workplaces. For example, anti-discrimination laws have been enacted. Government programs have become more sensitive to the needs of all clients, society has generally embraced diversity in the arts, lifestyles, and cuisine, and Australia government has begun to use cultural diversity for economic benefit.
Australia government has also begun to appreciate how the existence of people from culturally diverse backgrounds in their society provides bridges to other countries and cultures in an increasingly global community.

The review of literature is a key process of any research as it allows research to be placed in context. Equally, it does not only become familiar concepts, theories and arguments associated to the research topic.
Particularly, this literature review comprises
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