Mandatory Arrests For Domestic Violence

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Mandatory Arrests for Domestic Violence Do More Harm than Good
Colby Heywood
University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Mandatory Arrests for Domestic Violence Do More Harm than Good
Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, is a common problem. As a result, the criminal justice adapted to demands, especially from feminists, who bemoaned the poor response of police, and in turn, the justice system by instituting mandatory arrests. However, mandatory arrests have proven that just like protection or restraining orders, they are not effective in deterring domestic violence (Davis, 2008). Similarly, the arrests do not have a substantial effect on recidivism and create undue procedural complications for the criminal system (Zelcer, 2014). On the contrary, proponents of the approach, argue that it has a deterrent effect on the perpetrators and that it can even protect offer immediate protection for the victims (Clark, 2010). Nonetheless, using statistical evidence and arguments from scholarly sources, this position paper will expose the inefficiencies and constitutional inconsistencies that make mandatory arrests harmful for the batterer, victim, and the criminal justice system.
Statistical Evidence
The problem of domestic violence poses a danger to all the members the family unit. In addition, women and men are both ?equally likely to initiate and engage in partner aggression? (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments
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