Mandatory Ratios : Good Or Bad Essay

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Mandatory ratios: good or bad Nursing is a profession that has always provided care and comforting to those in need of it. Most who go into this profession have a passion for helping others and creating lasting relationships in order to give others encouragement. But what does one do when that connection is compromised? What happens when the reasons one starts a profession get stripped away, and all that 's left is an abundance of stress? Progressively throughout the years, this is what the nursing profession is amounting to. Nurses are losing that patient contact and the relationships they cherish because of the overbearing amount of responsibilities that are put upon them at work. Why has this changed? In today 's hospitals, their overall goal is to save money by cutting back on nurses, leaving them understaffed and the nurses overworked. Nurse understaffing is a problem that cannot be solved by simply just adding more nurses to the profession. In order to solve the problem, you have to look at the reasoning for it. By looking at how one can make nursing more cost effective, finding areas of the hospital that need more intensive care than others, and working with nurses on the best way to do scheduling, the problem that arises because of lack of staff can be solved. These proposed ideas offer individualized solutions to nurse staffing as opposed to mandatory staffing ratios. In order to propose solutions to the issue of understaffing today, one must

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