Manhood Vs Manhood

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Is Manhood when one is strong enough to avoid facing their inner problems and resist the temptation of opening up? I believe manhood is not. In contrast, Manhood is when one has the true strength to face their inner problems/fears and open up. “Regeneration” by Pat Barker is a book about Manhood. Through the characters actions and responses Pat Barker expresses what Manhood is truly about. “Regeneration” deals with war soldiers who have had mental breakdowns; therefore are sent to Craiglockhart the hospital. Craiglockhart purpose is to help soldiers recover, like Billy Prior; a man who suffers from mutism and has extremely bad asthma, and David Burns, who is a man that was traumatised from being blown into a dead Germans corpse which …show more content…

To open up to Rivers means Prior will have to abandon his moral of a man not being emotional and open about his things. If he would do this it will also make him a sissy according to him. Prior is built by this moral and it makes him Billy Prior, so every time he feels Rivers coming close to breaking him he fights back and doesn’t allow it. Priors approach towards things is actually what man shouldn’t do. In fact it is actually making him a sissy. You see a man who tells someone things that he is most vulnerable about shows the truth strength he has within. When you do this you're claiming and owning things which is what man does. The mutism that Prior has is another shield that he uses to defend himself. I find it hard to believe that someone can just be mute for one second and just like that be have their voice back. What I believe happens with Prior is; when Prior fights his temptation to speak what's on his mind he causes his brain to go into some kind of shock that causes him to be unable to verbally say something he wants. What Prior does is really damaging and causes a lot of harm to himself. As the appointments with increase Prior starts giving in. He tells Rivers what he feels and discusses his war experience just like a man would. As much as Prior opens up he doesn’t ever truly become what a man is. When Prior goes to the board and does not get his full time as soldier he blames Rivers. A man would blame someone for something that he himself did.

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