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About The author My name is Margaret Wonkontipo, and I am a 31 year old reporter from Russia. I have a husband named Charles Wonkontipo, and three children. I am writing about the battle of Stalingrad because I think it is important for everyone to know what has happened in this time of distress for families, and how we conquered Hitler, and the Germans.
Today's date is May 2nd 1943, and three months ago today was the day Germany surrendered the battle of Stalingrad after about 150,000 of their fighters have already passed away, and the Soviet Union finished victorious. You may be surprised to know that after the war ended, Soviets found, and recovered 250,000 frozen dead bodies throughout the war grounds. Also about 40,000 innocent citizens …show more content…

Many believe that Hitler mainly did this because he very much disliked Joseph Stalin--the leader of the Soviet Union, and he simply was not fond of the name of the city--Stalingrad. The Germans started by attacking the South-West countries near Russia, and Hitler got his hopes up as high as the moon, to the point where he was almost certain that the Germans would be victorious against the Soviet Union. Hitler started to make assumptions such as when we beat them here, then we will do this, and after that, we will conquer them here. He assumed that the Soviet Union would just try to defend their country, and not fight back--he was clearly mistaken. Instead, the Soviet Union fought back and took the Germans and Hitler by surprise, which is partly the reason why we defeated them, and they did not take over Russia. After this, Hitler was greatly humiliated, like getting smashed with an egg on his face.
Since the ending of the war, we have not realized what could have happened, and what great regret we would be in if we did not defeat Hitler and the German armies. If we hadn't, Russia could still be completely taken over, and who knows what the Germans and nazies would be doing now.
In conclusion, the battle of Stalingrad helped prevent the Germans from invading Russia and causing complete chaos between the two nations. So, be thankful for the Soviet Union approaching, fighting for six months, and conquering the Germans because if they hadn't, who knows where we would be at

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