Marginalization Of Women

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The Marginalization of Black Women today In the United States, being a black woman and living in a white dominated society. Often black women in the United States are looked at as a minority, and still seen as the lesser sex among the minority groups. Somehow black women have found a way by force and strength to be treated as equals to other sexes and races. Despite the efforts of black women, there is no appreciation for them taking on the same society struggles that black men go through. Society marginalizes my culture by paying black women less than white men and women the effect of this, is black women not making enough money to live a comfortable life. The societal implication of black women is the discrimination in their lives, racial pay gaps, and gender pay gaps. Like white women, black women have rights such as voting and having kids, but there seems to be an unfair treatment of black women that causes discrimination since the beginning of time. Sheryl Estrada confirms that to date black women demonstrate excellent results in education. “The share of Black women with a bachelor’s degree or higher increased by 23.9 percent between 2004 and 2014. Black women are the group of women with the second-largest improvement in attainment of higher education during the decade.” However, it seems black women are still concentrated in low paying jobs, and thus they are underpaid. Additionally, black women are more vulnerable to violence and a higher likelihood of

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