Marie Joseph Angelique Is Far More Than An Average Slave From 18th Century Montreal Essay

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Marie Joseph Angélique is far more than an average slave from 18th century Montréal. Despite dying at only 29 years of age, Marie made a massive impact on women, slaves, and people of colour. The legacy of her rebellious attitude and will to fight for what she loved is inspiring and she has remained as an influential character in Canada 's history. She is seen as a leader for fighting for equality, rights, and respect for not only slaves living in the country, but for women of colour as well. Little is known in regards to the beginning half of Angélique’s life. Marie, known only as Marie Joseph during this time, was born in Madeira, Portugal in or around 1705. What is know, however, is that in 1725, when Angélique was no more than 20 years old, she was purchased by a man named François Poulin de Francheville. While under his ownership, Angélique moved with him to Montréal and remained there until he passed away in 1733; about 8 years after he had first purchased her. Angélique’s ownership was then passed onto Francheville’s widow, whom decided to name her Angélique after their daughter who had passed away. After being taken in by her, Angélique asked in December of 1733 if she could be freed, to which her mistress declined and refused. Reportedly, Angélique was enraged by this decision and began unleashing her anger on his mistress’s household and others inside. She would argue with not only other workers or servants in the home, but also with Madame de Francheville herself.

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