Marie-Laure's Bombing

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When she was a child before the war even came about, Marie-Laure lived in Paris with her father, who was a locksmith for the Museum of Natural History. As she was growing up she went blind due to cataracts, her father built her an exact model of the neighborhood so she would be able to be on her own if she ever needed to. Soon it was heard that the Germans would overtake the town so the museum gave Marie-Laure’s father a valuable diamond known as the Sea of Flames. They both left Paris to deliver the stone to a man but he ended up running away to London. Marie-Laure and her father stay at her great-uncle Etienne’s house, who was known to be a little crazy, in Saint-Malo. Her father built her a model of that home too just like the one that…show more content…
Werner and his team leader, Volkeimer, hide in a basement of a hotel, however due to the bombs is causes the hotel to collapse leading them to being trapped. While the bombing is taking place Marie-Laure hides in Etienne’s cellar until it’s all over. While she’s climbing onto the third floor for water, she hears German officer von Rumpel entering desperately wanting to find the Sea of Flames. She hides in a secret entrance in the attic von Rumple isn’t aware of. After hiding in the attic for a while, Marie-Laure finally begins broadcasting. Werner fixed his radio, which allowed Volkheimer and him to hear her broadcast. While she’s reading, she whispers, “He is here. “letting Werner know she is in danger. She starts playing loud music because she becomes irritated waiting to be found. Volkheimer hears her music which gives him the idea of risking his life a way out of the basement where he and Werner were trapped. Werner kills von Rumple and goes to Etienne’s house to rescue Marie-Laure. After he put the Sea of Flames and the model of Etienne’s house in an ocean grotto, he helps Marie-Laure leave the city. Werner and Marie end up parting ways. While she meets again with Etienne, Werner is taken prisoner but Allies and becomes sick. While Werner walks into a minefield, he triggers an explosion that kills him While Jutta is in Berlin she gets raped by Russian Soldiers. Marie-Laure and Etienne move to Paris, and she begins
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