Marijuana Has Always Been A Big Deal In Society, Ever Since

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Marijuana has always been a big deal in society, ever since it has become known as a street drug. In the current year of 2016, not only citizens abuse marijuana, Celebrities, professional athletes, and college students all abuse the substance for its benefits. We are becoming more aware how recently this year that marijuana has been legalized in ten countries and twenty five states in the United States of America. That is one half of our country that is able to use this substance. By legalizing marijuana we as in the country can reduce harm, save families, save money, and most importantly save lives. The fake Time News Magazine ad that displays a visual for legalizing marijuana shows how the world is changing as a whole about legalizing …show more content…

The bold red border around the image creates an attraction for the eye, the location of the carton catches your eye next and then the viewer eyes follows around the whole front page. The effect of these choices is critical because without knowing the creator of this visual has you questioning your own thoughts without asking and wanting to know more about the legislation of pot. The visual itself does not provide its own education on the front page, but it implies there is a source of education on the topic inside The Times Magazine. Not finding education on the front page made me curious about the facts behind the legislation of marijuana, even though I go for the legislation of marijuana there was more information I was educated on because the visual left me curious and wanted to know why I chose this side. By legalizing marijuana less harm will be caused. This creates high levels of crime; addicts are forced to commit crimes to pay for a habit that would be easily affordable if it were legal. Police sources have estimated that as much as half the property crime in some major cities is committed by drug users. More drastically, because drugs are illegal, participants in the drug trade cannot go to court to settle disputes, whether between buyer and seller or between

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