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This is a topic that has become a bit of concern amongst people in the past few years. Marijuana has been illegal since the early 1900’s, but lately scientists have figured out that there are some uses of marijuana that could benefit people in need, people who are sick of deadly diseases such as aids, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. These are all diseases that are hard for anyone to go through, especially without aid that helps the pain and misery from ceasing. Prohibiting marijuana has just made things worse, by increasing the price of marijuana, the illegal usage, and the money spent on trying to cease its use. Abraham Lincoln once said two quotes about prohibition, “Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to…show more content…
There are no positive results associated with the use of alcohol and tobacco at all. Could this be an indication that the determining factor in the legalization of marijuana has very little to do with the assumed negative effects? Alcohol is one of the most life-threatening, mind-altering, motor-skill impairing substances in existence. Alcohol abuse destroys a person’s liver and wreaks havoc on the entire body. In many cases, it takes very little alcohol to impair a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle and threaten the lives of other people on the road. It seems to me that alcoholics are a much bigger threat to society than “pot heads” will ever be, regardless of the legalization of marijuana, yet alcohol is still legal along with the infamous cancer on a stick substance, know as cigarettes (American Civil Liberties Union). Cigarettes are another readily available substance that yields absolutely no positive effects. Cigarettes not only kill the people who smoke them, but they also kill the people around those who smoke them. They also contribute to the depletion of oxygen from our air. There is only one possible explanation for the fact that these deadly poisons have not been banned. The government is making a fortune on the sales and tax revenues of cigarettes. The tobacco industry clearly values the American dollar more than a human life. How does the government justify the legalization of a deadly drug like tobacco, while at the same

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