Marijuana Use And Abuse Of Marijuana

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Introduction Marijuana is a common drug that is derived from the plant cannabis and has been around for centuries. Many individuals in society argue that cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes thus, many researchers believe it is important to begin studying the effects that cannabis will have on people. While this drug has been deemed to have had both beneficial and detrimental side effects, many individuals are still wary as to what this drug may bring forth in terms of future medical discoveries, as well as other issues associated with it. Therefore, findings and new developments of medications for various types of diseases are being studied very closely in hopes of finding something that may create a huge impact in the world of medicine. So, studies over marijuana for medicinal use are becoming prevalent and with each new study, there arises a new question as to whether marijuana will have a positive or negative impact for certain medical conditions in patients. Likewise, the question of whether recreational use and abuse of marijuana can negatively impact communities also comes in to play. This paper serves to review the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in its advantages, disadvantages, and whether recreational use may affect the idea of it becoming legalized in more states.
Advantages of Marijuana The use of marijuana has been studied for various medical issues. Many of these studies have shown that there are benefits for many patients when they are using…
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