Marine Pollution

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I make my way down the sand with the scorching sun shining bright in my face, trying to reach to the cooling ocean as fast as I can. I feel the ocean’s continuous movement of the currents shifting back and forth, making me think about how the ocean currents create the rubbish patches, gathering bits of plastic on the way. I wonder if people think about the consequences of littering before doing it and the harm that it has on the sea life?

Over the last few decades human activities have become a danger to marine life, through marine pollution. According to over 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities, such as oil, fertilisers, general rubbish, sewage disposal, and toxic chemicals. As someone who cares about ocean and its sea life these statistics always saddens me to think that humans are the main cause of their harm. Just this weekend there has been an article in the newspaper about a whale’s stomach that was full of around 30 plastic bags. The whale was then put down in Norway after they failed to rescue it. What we need to realise as people is that even though the ocean may seem big enough to hold a lot of pollution it's actually having an enormous effect on the marine life and could also start having more of an effect on us through diseases, transferred when eating contaminated fish that may have consumed the toxic substances. The newspaper article on the whale sadly didn’t even seem to surprise me anymore, I have seen many similar
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