Mario Testino Research Paper

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Mario Testino is a famous Peruvian born photographer. Despite being born in Peru, his father was Italian and his mother was Irish. Before photography, his interest was fashion though he lacked the talent to design the different kinds of fashion. Later on he moved to London to study a career in photography where he started selling photos to people who aspired to be models. At first he did not have much money and sometimes did not eat and would walk to work since the buses demanded for fare. His optimistic nature of living gave him hope that the he would be employed somewhere worth the wait. He worked as a waiter to meet his primary needs of living and often took pictures of his workmates. Photography for Mario allowed him to get into a related …show more content…

They have worked together to bring out a high stylistic level in the fashion industry therefore viewed as the leaders. They met for the first time after Kate participated in a show at a Galliano where he went to congratulate her for the good work she had done at the backstage. He encouraged her since she was disappointed and was crying for since the show she had modeled one dress only. According to Alicia (2008), Mario and Kate started a strong friendship between them as he assured her of lifelong success in the future since she had the potential. He used the example of a perfume whose drop does not stay for a short while but lasts for a whole night. Her inner confidence grew and believed and today she is a glamorous model. Kate recognizes that her self esteem as a sexy model was drawn out by the recognition by Mario. She has appeared on so many covers of various magazines and this led to the idea of writing a book together which was launched on 23rd July 2010.Since they started working together she has become celebrated as the best model and many young aspiring models look up to her as a mentor. Mario brought out another image of her in an exhibition in 2010 after she won the British award as the model of the year in 2006. The exhibition, “Kate Who?” is a full exploration of who she is and her life since they met. Mario is and will remain to be a great photographer. He has a personality of making one change the negative view that they may have about themselves. Using his magic of taking the images and making them look glamorous, he is an icon and a mentor to many aspiring

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