Marjane Monologue

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After the much of the world as I know it was destroyed, I was stuck with a group of people who have both made my life a living hell, and saved it time and time again. Back before the plague hit, we would have never even come in contact, there are I few I wish I never would’ve come in contact with either way. Maybe if we were still in the modern functioning world, we’d be the hit sitcom or even a dysfunctional band. Alas the modern world as I knew it is only left in my memory, with so few people left of earth, and with no technology, the six of us are stranded. After my entire town was eradicated, I decided to pack up my essentials and move on, in effort to find someone living, someone I could depend on in this desolate world. I found this …show more content…

She is, however, quick to sacrifice herself for any member of the group because she only wishes to die as a martyr. She wants to go down in history as being a hero, so she will often jump at risks just to be uplifted. This does get annoying, but I do not mind it because her hijab intimidates Dave and this amuses me. Marjane has gone after bears outside the old house before because she claims she was saving the lives of the group. Often times Gwen dismisses her as stupid and careless. Marjane’s pride is almost always certain to get the best of her. Georgie is the exact opposite of Marjane and he is about as useful as Dave is to the group. He is severely depressed and can do nothing for himself but loaf around day in and day out and dream of what could have been. He had just graduated high school at the top of his class and had big dreams of college football and all those college girls. Alas his big dreams were crushed when people began to drop like flies. He constantly whines about having nothing to live for, and this is enough to drive the entire group insane. This is likely why he was partnered with Dave, so they can both drive each other …show more content…

She is so full of life and she never stops trying to improve our lives singlehandedly, I am often jealous that she is not my partner; I would trade Vikar for her any day. I know that when faced with life and death, Vikar would run, he believes he is too good to die. Marjane, being the martyr she is, would defend me to the end, she is an extremely loyal person and more outgoing than anyone I have ever met. In my farthest dreams from reality, we might be lovers, but with the way she sacrifices herself without a second thought, I know I may not know her long

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