Mark Antony's Speech

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Mark Antony's Speech Throughout Shakespeare's masterpiece, Brutus makes many decisions that lead to his own downfall. He refuses to make an oath among the conspirators, he declines the other conspirators when they propose to add Cicero to their secretive group, he also refuses to kill Antony because they would then be portrayed as "butchers", but the biggest and most grave mistake he makes is when he makes the decision to overrule Cassius's opinion and allow Mark Antony to speak at the late Caesar's funeral. Although Brutus devises strict rules that Antony must follow, Brutus's plan is overthrown when Antony uses devices within his skills as a speaker to win the crowd over and turn them against the conspirators.…show more content…
/ This was the most unkindest cut of all;". By placing emphasis on the betrayal that took place between Brutus and Caesar, showing the crowd the wounds upon Caesar's dead body proved to be potentially the most useful device in overthrowing Brutus's previous speech to which the crowd had replied by shouting, "Caesar's better parts/ Shall be crown'd in Brutus."(II, ii, 53-54) In conclusion, by using all these devices within his speech to enrage the crowd and to provoke their desire to seek revenge against the murders of their fallen leader. Brutus had underestimated Mark Antony by thinking that he could not speak so eloquently as to bring the crowds to their feet and send them on a hunt for the conspirators and Brutus himself. Mark Antony stayed within the restrictions of the stringent rules laid down by Brutus, but managed to twist his words enough to get his audience to understand his true feelings. Had Antony not made such an incredibly moving speech as he did, the whole course of the story may have been changed and perhaps Caesar's death would never have been
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