Mark Twain : Man Greater Than Beast

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James Mullins
Robert McKinley
English 102
August 26, 2017 Man Greater Than Beast Mark Twain famous author, pilot and journalist wrote one of the most thought provocative essay’s that still provides viewpoints applicable to today “The Damned Human Race”. He brought into question that the idea of morality is mankind’s greatest weakness and that it makes man less than animals. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines moral as “of or relating to the principles of right and wrong behavior”. This moral compass and our higher intelligence is what separate man from animal. Man’s moral ability to determine good from evil is a double edged sword in that it can lead man to greatness or into terrible evil. The scientific method which children have been taught from grade school is make an observation, form a hypothesis, predict what you will discover, experiment to answer your question, and finally obtaining a conclusion to the experiment conducted. Twain claims that he used this method to validate his remarks and conclusions about animals being higher than man in the overall scheme of the world. He then states “and have adopted it or rejected it based on the results” (Twain par.3). This shows that when he liked the result he used the data and when he didn’t like the result he obtained then he discarded it. Basically he cheated so that his hypothesis, prediction and conclusion were set in stone then had his experiments support these already predetermined beliefs. The only way to be

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