Market Report : The Market Analysis Of A Foreign Market

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This report is based on the market analysis of a specific country and to examine the potential of the country to attract foreign investors. The country chosen for this analysis is Canada. Canada is located in the North America. This is the second-largest country in the world with respect to the land area. Canada shares its border in the southern part with the United States. Canada has an environment, which is quite welcoming for any type of business, and it has awarded to be second best as a country to perform business activities (Arriaga et al.).

This country has shown huge growth in the years 2006 to 2015 and the access to its market is also huge. The workforce in Canada is the most educated group of professionals. The tax related to
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Canada has much strength related to the competition in the market. The main advantages of the country are the location, a diverse economy, natural resources, high quality of education, institutional and political stability. The relationship of Canada with the United States is one of the main factors that attract foreign investors (Borrini-Feyerabend et al).
The country has abundant natural resources and is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Uranium and has huge reserves. This country also proves to be the world’s highest producer of potash. Canada holds the second position in the world in terms of the generation of hydroelectricity and has the third position in terms of the producer of natural gas. Canada has the position of the largest supplier of petroleum products, crude oil and natural gas. Canada also manufactures oil sands, which amounts to1.2 million barrels of sands per day (Ellabban et al.). The economic base of Canada is diverse. Other than petroleum and mineral resources, there are many other industries in Canada, which include forestry, agriculture and fisheries. The population of this country is highly educated, as there are large numbers of universities in Canada. Canada has a reputation internationally for the credibility and integrity with the help of qualities like diplomacy and strong leadership. Canada proves itself to have a
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