Marketing Plan For Abc Salon

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Marketing Plan for ABC Salon

Within this worldwide economy, companies rely greatly on several tool and techniques for achieving the desired goals and results. According to Kotler and Keller (2006), the 4Ps marketing mix is considered as being one among the highly beneficial technique for introducing any new service or product within the market surroundings (McGee et. al., 2005). It involves marketing approaches that could be followed for achieving the desired outcomes. Nevertheless, the foremost and highly significant would be carrying out marketplace research and gaining knowledge about the marketplace (Hair et. al., 2000). Further, taking the above discussion into consideration this particular paper attempts to throw light upon marketing aspects with respect to ABC Salon.

Pricing Strategy
Pricing chiefly implies towards the total sum an individual shell out for the product or service (Kotler and Keller, 2006). The price factor is extremely vital as it determines the company’s profit and as a result, existence. With respect to ABC salon it is highly evident that the corporation operates within a highly competitive business atmosphere where there are several corporations providing similar provisions and users could any time move on to corporations providing superior services at reasonably lesser costs. Thus, the prices of the offered products and services should be fixed considering the prices set by the competitors for the similar

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