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Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest multinational company which founded andheadquartered in Auckland, New Zealand which has almost 15,900 employees. Fonterracontain rich heritage of dairy expertise and passion. This comes from generations of producing quality dairy products enjoyed by consumers and consumers in more than 140countries. Today, it is the world’s leading exporter of dairy products and responsible for more than 1 third of international trade. The Fonterra are famous with their dairy productsuch as Anchor which is also known as Fernleaf which provide good nutrition for everyone , Anlene which is specially formulated for adult’s optimal bone health and alsoAnmum which is design to meet the needs of pregnant and
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It enables the consumer to read before they purchase our product. For example, our product is approved by the MalaysiaHealth Ministry and a mark that shows that our product had passed the test.
When we were decided to set our new product’s price, we had faced a problem.There are some company had produce same category product with us. So, we tried not toset a high price due to a few competitors. So, we had decided to set a price at RM 2.99 per bar and RM 15.99 per bulk. There are 6 bars in a bulk. This is because lower pricegenerally lead to higher sales volume. Although the BB BARis not expensive, but it stillcan help our company to gain profit. The price had support the organization’s operating,administrative and research and marketing cost like advertising and sales. The other reason we do not set a high price but pricing at the near market prices is we tried toreduce price wars in the industry and get the double win situation.We had to choose two types method for pricing BB BAR, price skimming and penetration pricing. Among these two methods, we had chosen the price skimmingmethod. We set an initial high price to cover our new product costs and generate a profit.Our initial price is about RM 2.59 per bar. The other one ringgit is to cover the operatingcost, research and marketing costs. Therefore, our new product price is still affordable for everyone and the consumer will be willing
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