Marketing Plan: ZARA

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I. Executive Summary

II. Situational Analysis

III. Target Market

IV. Swot Analysis

V. Marketing objective and goals

VI. Marketing Strategy and Tactics

VII. Implementation and Control

De La Salle University-Dasmarinas
Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management

Zara Clothing Company
Marketing Plan

Mr. Carl Jastine Eugenio
Ms. Angelica May Ignacio
Ms. Mary Christine Agojo
Ms. Shenna Mae Reyes
Mr. Eric Balaoro

I. Executive Summary

Zara is the largest retail company owned and run by Inditex, largest Spanish corporation and the world’s largest fashion group. The way Zara has runs its company is by following a vertical
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Product: Fast Moving Fashion
Zara prides itself on fast moving fashion with new designs restocked in limited quantity every two weeks. This encourages consumers to frequent the stores for new designs and to snap up interesting outfits on the spot in order to guarantee themselves a piece. This provides a sense of exclusivity to shoppers.
Process: Industry Leader in Lead Time
Creative teams consisting of designers, sourcing specialist and product development personnel, develop design collections. The teams work simultaneously on different clothing, building and improving on styles previously available. Zara’s designers are trained to limit the number of changes made by lowering the number of samples required, minimizing cost and turnover time. Its demand based production or Just-in-time (JIT) production reduces the amount of inventory available, lowering Zara’s storage cost. Zara 's outstanding lead time is unbeatable in the industry at the moment. Furthermore, Zara eliminated the traditional design process, where design and development overrides fabric procurement. In Zara, the design teams work with the available fabric, allowing for faster fashion.
Price: Low Cost, High Fashion
Zara believes in offering high fashion at a low cost. Prices range from $79.90 to $539.00 for both Womenswear and Menswear while the Kids

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