Marketing Study Case : Diesel

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Study case : Diesel
“Live, breathe and wear passion”

1 : Explain which of the promotional strategies used by
Diesel are above- or below-the-line. Analyse the impact
that each approach might have ?

There are two different types of promotional strategies. One is above the line and the other one is below the line. Above the line is using the media like television, radio to promote your product to a mass audience. Below the line is looking to reach a customer not a whole bunch of people, an example of a below the line is using catalogues, direct mail.
An above the line strategy used by diesel is through commercials and billboards. The Television ad of diesel has probably the biggest impact to their company because everyone
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This is a below-the-line promotion because the staff can give the customers flyers about their concert and it is sponsored by Diesel.

3 : Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using
premium pricing as a strategy.

Premium pricing (also called prestige pricing) is the strategy of consistently pricing at, or near, the high end of the possible price range to help attract status-conscious consumers.
A first advantage of premium pricing is that a high price is often seen as an indication of good quality. A second one is that it makes the product being an exclusive item, which allows it to attract people who want to differentiate themselves. Lastly, another obvious advantage of premium pricing is that the company will make more margins and so potentially earn more profits.
A disadvantage of premium pricing is not everyone will spend a lot of money on just one item, this means they will not be able to sell their product. Another disadvantage of this is that other competing companies might bring out cheaper products, this will make some customers go there rather than go to your company.

4 : Considering the distribution strategies mentioned in the
case study, what might be the outcome if Diesel
adopted an intensive distribution method ?

I think that if Diesel adopted an intensive distribution method the outcome will be successful.
This is because Diesel will be well known to everyone. If they do this their
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