Marketing US Apparel in Mexico: An Analysis

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Marketing U.S. Apparel in Mexico: After the economic crisis that affected the macroeconomic environment across the globe, the sales of apparel in Mexico recovered in 2010 following its decline in 2009. The main reason for the decline of sales during this period is that the economic crisis lessened the disposable incomes of many Mexicans. As consumers in Mexico tend to minimize their expenses during economic uncertainty times, the apparel industry in this country has shown modest growth in the past five years. In relation to the marketing of U.S. apparel products in Mexico, many consumers in the country have very positive opinions about the products. As compared to products manufactured in the country and other parts like Asia, Mexican consumers prefer apparel products from the United States. Consequently, American apparel products have continued to gain very positive and complementary reputations in Mexico. Notably, Mexican consumers normally buy products at regular prices because they consider lower prices as a sign of poor quality. The Apparel Industry in Mexico: Based on the market reports of June 2010, Mexico accounted of 24.6 percent of U.S. exports of textiles and apparel. This is primarily because Mexico provides significant market opportunities for producers in the United States to meet the increasingly growing needs and wants of Mexican consumers (Forsythe et. al, 1993). The Mexican apparel industry has developed to become the largest importer of apparel

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