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January 2013 Markets, Marketing and Strategy Report MMS Report, 1 January 2013 Markets Marketing and Strategy Report Executiv summary : This report provides an analysis and evaluation of Chanel’s marketing strategies and of its place in the Luxury market today. Methods of analysis include three theorical models that help to understand the complexity of Chanel business environment and its main resources. Those three models are: PESTEL, SWOT and 5 Porter’s forces. In this Report we find out that in period of economic crisis, luxury was seen as unnecessary and even selfish, Luxury Brands might have a bad reputation lately. It is extremely because of their manufactures in China or India and other countries like…show more content…
The «PEST» model (Political, Economic, social and technological). This model focuses on external macro environment factors. It helps business owners to create a vision of the future and to take appropriate decison. It includes positives and negatives factors of the macro business context. I.1.1 :Political environment of Chanel : Regulation to reduce counterfeit is at the earth of the political environment of Chanel. There is a strong need of strong regulations to reduce counterfeit. It is particularly crucial in Asian region for two reasons. Firtsly it is an emerging area in the world with a huge potential for luxury market. Secondly, Asia is also the principal place of manufactures and sales of counterfeit products such as bags and accessories. This situation is the result of a non application of laws on the counterfeit. (Bouchony,2006) I.1.2 : Economical environment of Chanel : The purchasing power is increasing in the developed world. This increase also increase the standard of living. It leads costomers to more desiring luxury goods. It is a positiv economical change for luxury market and for Chanel. (Lobe,2010) The worldwide economic crisis rebound. The economic crisis had a huge impact on the luxury market because luxury represents the trade of superficial and unnecessary products. The economies recovery is a positive outlook in consumer behaviour because it probably means a futur
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