Marks and Meanings

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Kylee Lologo Professor Turnbull English 1A 9 July 2014 Marks and Meanings Tattoos are just one way that someone can express themselves. There are thousands of designs and artists that are able to create pictures desired by some people. There are many styles of tattoos that are seen today such as; American traditional, Japanese traditional, realism, and portrait. One style that is completely different from the rest is Polynesian tribal tattoos. Polynesian tattoos are separate from the rest in that their design is very structured and geometrical. Following lines and shapes each tattoo may have their own style, but all of them are similar because of the details that go into them. With each island in Polynesia the tattoos may differ,…show more content…
The tattoo artist will dip the bone combs into the ink and puncture the skin repeatedly in order for the ink to set into the skin. He works with two assistants that will stretch the skin and wipe the excess ink off of the body. This process takes place while lying on mats put on the ground with the artist around the patient. Usually family members will surround the space to give support to the man who is getting the tattoo. If he was not to finish the tattoo, it is seen as a sign of weakness, and he will bring great shame to him and his family. These tattoos could ultimately take weeks to finish and is a very painful process to go through. Just sitting through what it takes to receive the tattoo shows a sign of strength and having the tattoo is believed to bring good to who have it. Getting these tattoos takes a lot of thought and consideration. Thinking about the different symbols that one wants inside the tattoo depends solely on the reason they are getting it. The placement is also a factor that leads to the meaning of the tattoo and can ultimately change what the whole thing stands for. Going through the process of this is a task within itself, and once you start, it is not worth it to stop. Polynesian tattoos are a separate art that needs to be appreciated for all of the hard work and thought that goes into each
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