Marlowe Influences On Doctor Faustus

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Christopher Marlowe Water supports a seed to grow into a beautiful flower, just as Christopher Marlowe’s works watered the seed of the Renaissance and Elizabethan literature. The Renaissance was characterized by new ideas and thinking, which created many influential writers from this time. Christopher Marlowe is known as a talented writer from the late sixteenth through early eighteenth centuries. He and many other writers of this time created new ways of writing and impacted it in other ways. Marlowe was considered the most important playwright before Shakespeare, but his entire career lasted six years because of his untimely death when he was twenty-nine. His most famous work, Doctor Faustus, is based on the Faust Legend, a German classic, in which a scholar sells his soul to the devil in exchange for more power and knowledge ( Christopher Marlowe’s tragic play, The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus, had major influences in the development of Elizabethan literature during the mid-sixteenth century in England. Christopher Marlowe uses the new idea of thinking in this play to represent the people of his time. By intertwining religion with morality in Doctor Faustus, Marlowe shows the common conflicts of the people during this period. Doctor Faustus was written during the reign of Elizabeth I while people struggled with their religion and morality. Before Martin Luther’s Reformation of the church, their religion, Roman Catholicism, was equivalent to their

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