Marriage : A Privilege Or A Right?

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Amira Nassar
Mrs. Fox
English 122
19 October 2015
Marriage: A Privilege or a Right?
Every citizen of the United States is entitled to happiness; the deprivation of a beautiful feeling makes the negativity spread throughout others. Whether it’s a weekend spent in bed or indulging in ice-cream after a long day, everyone has an escape where nothing seems to matter but their enjoyment of the moment. Married couples go through issues, but at the end of the day, their significant other is the reason for the permanent smile on their face. An amazing concept such as this should not be taken away from anyone, regardless of their sexual preference. Marriage is defined as a bond between a man and a woman, although that statement has recently changed. This alteration has turned many heads, but everyone finally has an equal chance at happiness. As an institution that has become more egalitarian and is considered to be a human right, gay marriage is a long overdue correction to an injustice in this country that should be handled under certain circumstances; every human deserves happiness, regardless of their preferences.
The legalization of gay marriage has created a portal of controversy throughout people across the nation. Citizens of America are encouraged to be themselves and to feel comfortable in their skin; that being said, the authority of gay marriage should have been enforced decades prior. This generation has come a long way in expressing first amendment rights, but this topic

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