Marriage Is A Sensitive Relationship

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Marriage is a sensitive relationship. It can be affected by anything and specially the long term decision. Jim and Lisa Jones have to make a serious decision that may affect their relationship for a long term. Jim works 45 hours per week and earns about 60,000$ per year. Maria works about 60 hours and earns 105,000$ per year. They pay about 3,500$ for their mortgage and about 1050$ for a child care for their son Jason. Lisa has been offered a job in Atlanta city and they are having a hard time to make that decision.
Here is some scenarios about what might happen with the Jones family.

• The first scenario:
Lisa wanted to turn down the offer, because she wanted less responsibilities and she wanted to spend more time with her son. But she and Jim agreed that it will be a great opportunity to take the job offer because of the high salary that will make their life easier. So, Lisa accepted the offer. Atlanta was one hour away from their home so Lisa had to drive like 2 hours each day. She worked 70 hours per week. She barely saw her husband and her son except for the weekend. After 5 years, Maria was fixed in her job and got a raise. She earned 190,000$ per year after that. Their financial situation was very good. They even finished their mortgage payment early and started to save for Jason’s college. Maria never talked about her problems with Jim, because she sees that he is happy with their situation and she shouldn’t ruin that. She felt really bad about being away from…
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