Marriage Is a Commitment and Legal Contract Between Same Sexes Too

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Same Sex Marriage Marriage is a commitment between two individuals. The definitions for commitment differ from cultures to cultures, but in America, marriage and commitment means that it is a contract and binding between two people together providing them with benefits. The question that is raise in America today is that is whether or not these rights to these benefits and commitment should be extended to the people of the same sex. This topic in widely debated in many countries not only in America alone. It is an important issue because it involve basic human moral and human rights. The first case of same sex marriage was Baker v. Nelson that was dismissed by the U.S Supreme Court was in 1972 when a Minnesota couple were denied marriage …show more content…

Section 3 of this act basically stated that same sex marriage couples are not considered spouses and they can not to receive any federal marriage benefits. Under this act, legally married couples can only file for single taxpayers for federal tax purposes, “they would file their federal income tax return as single or head of household and submit a joint return for state income tax purposes if residing in a state where same-sex marriage was legal” (Jackson). In 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department would no longer enforce DOMA section 3, because President Obama stated that it was unconstitutional. In 2013, the Supreme Court decided two cases, which was Windsor v. U.S. and Hollinsworth v. Perry. One case involved DOMA and federal income tax issues and the other case involve the legality of Proposition 8, an amendment which prohibits same sex marriage in California. Currently, “13 states grants same sex marriage license” (Jackson). From 2011 when the justice department announced it would not enforced DOMA section 3 to 2013 when the supreme court struck down DOMA, same sex couples now can file for federal tax returns legally as married couples.
Many state legislatures have been deeply involved in the debate about how to define marriage and should it be applied the same way to same sex marriage. In December 2013, the state of Utah

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