Marriage Of Love By William Shakespeare

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Name-Chiagozie Harry Okeke
Course-ENGL 200
Instructor-Prof.Scott. Maisano
Date-10-20-15 (Revised Essay)

Marriage of Love (Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare)

‘’Love is not love,’’ alters when it alteration finds,’’ or bends with the remover to remove’’ the first phrase ‘’Love is not love,’’ alter when it alteration finds, simply means that love is not love when it continues to change even when one person has noticed that their beloved has changed. However, If one partner changes, the relationship should stay the same and not be affected by an alternative individual. The second phrase used by Shakespeare is ‘’or bends with remover to remove,’’ this phrase basically means that love is not love if it changes with another individual or person. In order words, love is constant and must work with an adapting or suitable individuals
Therefore, according to my close reading analysis the poem (Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare) is a fourteen line poem that is organized into three quatrains, ending with a rhymed couplet. It also has a regular stress pattern which makes the reader to go through some difficulty in understanding what the author is trying to convey in his poem. The first quatrain of the poem began with a statement to puzzle upon ‘’Let me not to the marriage of true mind/Admit impediments (1-2),’’ this line means that love cannot be disturbed by disaster or calamity neither be changed over time. Rather, it is one unchangeable emotion that is

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