Marriage Private By Stephanie Coontz

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For the past, few centuries the concept of marriage has become a matter of church and state. Those who wish to become a married couple within the United States must get permission from the states by obtaining a marriage license. According to Taking Marriage Private by Stephanie Coontz for sixteen centuries marriage was valid based upon the couples wishes. If both the man and women claimed they had exchanged vows, then the Catholic Church would recognize it as a valid marriage. Today all states require that a couple obtain a marriage license from the state if they want the marriage to be legal and valid in the eyes of the state. Taking Marriage Private by Stephanie Coontz discusses the concept of private marriage and the history of it.…show more content…
In the United States Constitution, the Ninth Amendment is often forgotten or not commonly taught. The ninth amendment is often denoted as “Enumeration of Rights.” This amendment outlines the human rights that were not written or protected by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Marriage is a right. Everybody and anybody should have the right to marriage. Putting rules and regulations on marriage is a clear violation of the United States Constitution and a clear violation of our unalienable rights. Marriage has only become a way for the government to collect extra tax money and fees. Marriage is only a business for the government. Instead of marriage being a civil union of a man and a woman. It is a union between a man, woman, and government. For many gay, bisexual, or lesbian couples privatizing marriage would allow them to marry who they want freely without any government say. Therefore, no institution will be able deny marriage to nontraditional marriage couples because of personal beliefs of government employees or because of state laws. Supporters of marriage privatization believe it is a very personal thing between two people who want celebrate their life together. Marriage after all is a celebration of the connection between one another. Anybody should be able to marry whoever they want without having to worry about what the government would say about that marriage. Rather if it is right or wrong. The government shouldn’t interfere with marriage no
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