Marriage and Cohabitation

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Background of the Study Mindanao State University is a melting pot of diverse culture coming from different regions. Different people with different culture and tradition interact and socialize in the campus. Students studying in the university are Muslims and non-Muslims. Many of the non-Muslims studying here came from different places in Mindanao. Most students here engages to relationships with the opposite sex because having a boyfriend or girlfriend gives them inspiration and motivation in studying. Having a partner is very common to non-Muslim students because they are far away from their homes and their parents will not know that they have boyfriends or girlfriends here. We can observe nowadays in …show more content…

Many of the people he know who are engaging with this type of relationship said that they try engaging with this because they want to try the experience on having a sexual intercourse with their partners, to be sure that they will last longer, and to be motivated. These are only some of the reasons that the researcher discovered as he asked some of the students he knows and practicing cohabitation. The researcher observed that, in college life many students are being bullied if they don’t have any partners and if they don’t experience sex, that’s why many students are very eager in finding a partner to experience what they really want and how these things will work. According to Simporios (2011), cohabitation’s great contribution to moral decadence has been a great concern of many people. The continuous practice of this kind of relationship is quite alarming to society’s moral bearing. The presence of this very rampant situation in a state university would agitate a curiosity. This paper aims to describe and explore the students practicing cohabitation, their reasons, the acceptability, and the outcome of this type of relationship.
Statement of the Problem This is a study on cohabitation among students of Mindanao State University. The following are the specific objectives of the study: 1. To know the extent of acceptability of cohabitation among the students of Mindanao State

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