Marriage and Gender Roles Within Married Life

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Marriage and Gender Roles Within Married Life
Marriage is one of the most sacred and intimate rituals or celebrations that exist in all religions. It is often seen as an important and a defining step in your life. Traditionally, marriage is a ritual and ceremony that celebrates the official joining of two people by law. This definition of marriage varies from culture to culture since marriage can be viewed differently for them. The two religions of Hinduism and Buddhism both allow marriages, but have many similarities and differences between them in their wedding ceremonies, in the roles of husband and wife, and in their beliefs on divorce.
Wedding ceremonies are often seen as a big deal and is a cherished moment in the couple’s relationship. Many rituals and symbols are present in a wedding ceremony and are often unique to the couple’s religion or culture. In Hinduism, wedding ceremonies are a big deal and has many components to create a very beautiful, and sacred ceremony. The ceremony often lasts for hours, days and weeks since there are a number of ceremonies held prior to the wedding day. Some of the ceremonies include the Misri (ring ceremony), the Mendhi Party, Raas Garba and the Ghari Puja. Hindu weddings traditionally take place outside, in nature, under a canopy called the mandap. An important symbol in the ceremony is to light a sacred fire which is placed under the mandap. The sacred fire is lit to call Agni, the fire God, to bear witness to the wedding

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