Marshall-Pescini, And Prato-Previde: A Case Study Answers

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An intriguing experiment was conducted in 2015 by Merola, Lazzaroni, Marshall-Pescini, and Prato-Previde. They coordinated this examination to understand the relationship between a cat and its owner. They wanted to see if the owners' input about an object influenced the cat’s action and behavior towards the object (Merola, Lazzaroni, Marshall-Pescini & Prato-Previde, 2015). The test included thirty-six cats and all the owners were female except for one male owner. Out of these cats, there were different numbers of cat that were neutered and tom cats. As well as, different sexes. Each cat was tested individually in a testing room. The cat was allowed one minute to explore the room at the beginning with the owner in a set position and relaxed.
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