Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation Essay

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Most common historical writers would mark the date, October thirty-first, 1517, as the initial rise of early reform movements. It was the day Martin Luther had encrypted his floating thoughts of early reformation onto paper, with the help of the printing press. Many others before Martin had speculation of somewhat of a reform, but didn’t have the courage to go up against the authoritative Church. Martin and his actions had officially sparked the revolution, and the start of European Reformation. But Martins actions would end up transforming the world indefinitely. Successors of the Roman Church would end up finding themselves on a boat destine for the new world. He galvanized the migration of many Europeans, hoping to evade harsh persecution. Not only did Martin set the stage for early reform of religion, he also opened the doors of westward expansion and economic growth.
The reformation had completely redirected religion and its viewpoints for eternity. The protestant reformation had empowered several others along the side of Martin Luther, to apostatize from the powerful Roman Catholic Church, and revolutionize what we call religion. Martin Luther was an average citizen in the Roman Empire, all until a life changing event had taken place. By the strike of a lightning bolt near Martin on his way home one day, he began to believe that God was judging him by his actions, also known as sins. Along with believing this, Martin had chosen to become a monk in 1505, hoping it would

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