Martin Luther : Cuts All Ties With Catholic Church

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Kristopher Hall
Mr. Mauldin
Honors World Literature 10
10 December 2015
Martin Luther: Cuts All Ties with Catholic Church
I. Introduction Whether you believe in a higher power or not, religion has impacted our lives in some way. Vice versa, people can make an impact on religions and transform them to what we know today. Take for example Martin Luther. He was a man looking to simply reform the Roman Catholic Church and its preaching’s because he disagreed with it. With his many ideas, strong will, and criticisms, he forever changed the world. Martin challenged and rebelled against The Catholic Church’s beliefs and with time, the church’s authority and power declined. Most of Luther’s success however comes from 3 main things; the writing of his 95 Thesis, translating the bible into vernacular German, and all leading up to the start of the Protestant Reformation.

II. Biography
Born in Eislenben in Saxony (now known as Germany) on November 10, 1483, Martin Luther was the first born son to Hans and Margaret Luther. Living in his home town for only a few months, his father moved the family to Mansfield to pursue a career in mining (Forster). As you can imagine, changing career fields was harsh for the Luther family. Constantly worried about their financial state Martin Luther remembers his childhood to be full of poverty (Manns 12). Hans wanting a better life for Martin, instead of sending him to work in the mines, set him to the Mansfield town school when he was just 6
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