Martin Luther King Jk And Diasive Speech Analysis

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From the late 1870s to the late 1960s, two powerful, moving and motivational speeches were given from two mighty hero’s. These individuals fought for civil rights, made a transformation in the world, and changed the outlook of people’s point of view. Susan B. Anthony was a legendary American civil rights leader and is famous for her arrest for voting in 1872. She traveled all over the country giving speeches and circulated petitions and organized local women’s rights organizations. One of her most famous speeches, “After Being Convicted of Voting,” was to prove she committed no crime in voting and that she was merely using her citizen rights. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. too stood strong for what he believed in. King was a Baptist minister, civil-rights activist, and was the head of the Southern Christian Leadership conference. Similar to Anthony, King gave several powerful speeches around the United States. One of his renowned speeches “I Have a Dream,” was to end racism. King continued to persistently writing speeches, he even wrote a letter while he was in a jail called, “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” King wanted equal rights for all African American people and peace through the States. Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King Jr. stood strong in what they believed was right. These two American civil rights activists strongly express their beliefs by persuading their audience by using logos, ethos and pathos. Throughout Susan B. Anthony’s speech, “After Being Convicted of

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