Martin Luther King Rhetorical Analysis

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Why did it take African Americans so long to obtain equality? Because they are negro. Why were they oppressed by the rest of society? Because they are negro. Why wasn’t their voice heard? Because they are negro. Negroes had suffered from injustice for too long and a time had come in which it became unbelievably awful and unbearable. Martin Luther King emphasizes the importance of attaining equality by uniting society through the reclamation of the mental and physical torture they have experienced and appealing to their ethical senses to destroy injustice.
All their lives, negroes have experienced endless amounts of pain, both mental and physical. This pain made them lose every ounce of hope they had of having a happy life, it practically destroyed them. During the time of Martin Luther King, each and every African American had suffered in some sort of way, including MLK himself. Just looking back and thinking about those horrific times hurt and anger African Americans, because they know that they didn’t deserve it, no one did. Although Old Major explained that humans have oppressed the farm animals, he himself never experienced that oppression, so he wouldn’t understand what it actually feels like. However, Martin Luther King was a victim of racial injustice, who experienced hardships similar to those of all his fellow African Americans. So, he can therefore relate to his audience better. He encouraged the negroes to look back upon the terrible circumstances they were in

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