Martin Luther King 's Speech

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Martin Luther King speech had a big impact through the society. He was once a hero, who stood to speak for everyone’s right, that all men should be equal. As a community, people acknowledge the change that Martin Luther King started. It occurred that hope will always occur to be alive in circumstance of rich or poorer, high or low. Culture brought people together for a reason to improve the past and come up with a solution to change and make a difference to end people’s agony. Where different stages conflicts a lot of sacrifices that Martin Luther King and other people who claim the change will be a big thing for everyone to hear through his speech. It is crucial that discrimination took a major role in equality of race, color, religion, and genders. In his song, “I have a Dream,” Common and Will.I.Am treats culture as an honorable way that refines how equality alters the change in Martin Luther King’s speech help but noticed how every significance happened in time, people are fighting for their civil rights. In Common’s rap lyrics, he expanded Martin Luther King speech. He stated many conflicts through his metaphor words. As it mentioned many things like— “It’s a Cold War- I’m a colder soldier…”—as tough of a cold war, people manage to stay strong and it is worth fighting for freedom. The lyrics, “Rap music in the hood played a fatherly role, My story’s like yours, yo it gotta be told,” points out that discrimination that happened in the past should be told. A rap song

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