Martin Ritt Essay

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Martin Ritt was born on March 2, 1914 in Manhattan. He was born to immigrant parents and graduated from Dewitt Clinton high school in the Bronx and went to Elon College in North Carolina. He started studying law at St. John`s University however he meant director, Elia Kazan, an American director, producer, writer and actor. He joined Kazan in New York’s group theater, where would soon to act in the play “Golden Boy” and other plays which all had the theme and conscious of the depression. When World War 2 broke out, he joined the Air forces and would eventually appear in the services stage and film drama “Winged Victory.” Although he did act after the war, primarily he stressed direction. Many of his movie direction were based around human…show more content…
He was blacklisted because he was associated with the communist party and the Hollywood blacklist in which also excluded many of his coworkers. In fact, as one author put it”the blacklist robbed the studios of significant talent, but more important it fluid and then fed to suspicions that Hollywood was turning out pro-Communist subversive products"33. He was named in the House Un-American Activities Committee, second committee during the 1950s and was subsequently was compelled to directing TV shows. This expulsion from being able to direct Hollywood movies had an effect on not only his directing career but his personal life too. "Having learned how to be a director by working on numerous television shows as an actor, producer, and director during the fifties, Ritt found his career cut short when he was blacklisted in 1952. Yet he managed to survive both of these cultural onslaughts and carve out a successful movie career on his own terms. Coming to Hollywood at a time when big, expensive films were considered essential to Hollywood’s survival.444 After his expulsion he still would contained his movie direction and continued to do black and white films. In which in 1965, my film came out, “The Spy Who came in from the dark,” and continued his black and white theme. During this film, it can be shown to show his political ideology in which would portray
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