Marx Vs Mill

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With such an interesting and different election year with results that where unexpected many people where left wondering why things happened like they did. Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill both have philosophies that can be applied to this election. Marx would agree with the results, because many of his theories match up with what happened with this election while Mill would disagree with the results and would have problems with what happened. Marx would say that this election is an example of a proletariat revolution and commodification, while Mill would disagree because of his views on maximization, and sacrificial lambs. Many of Marx’s beliefs are seen in this election. Marx believed that capitalism was unsustainable in the long run because …show more content…

This is a step before what Marx talks about in the Communist Manifesto. Marx believed that the proletariat would be tired of selling their labor as a commodity. Marx would see this election as a half step to a full proletariat revolution because the working class are not completely done with the idea of commodification and are still buying into the capitalist system. The system that they are buying into however is one with change from what it was before by putting a political outsider in office and a person that they can relate to through the way he speaks. Marx would agree with the brining in of a outsider and a new type of leader that has never been done before but he would still believe that the system is doomed to fail till the capitalist society flipped into a society that ran of the communist …show more content…

First Mill would disagree with how the election ended because the popular vote went to Clinton not Trump. He would say this is not a maximization of happiness and that you should do what the majority of people wanted. However Mill would have accepted the results because he would buy into the system as he believes that politics protect to people from tyranny. Mill would also say that it is not that bad to be a human that is dissatisfied with something and that if you accept the results in self-sacrifice that it would be a noble move. He would also agree with how to people vote for their leaders and policies. Mill would disagree with the politics that surrounded Trumps campaign. Trump would talk about a ban on muslins and use them as a sort of “sacrificial lamb” where if we get rid of all of them we won’t have to worry about the few dangerous ones that could possibly be here. Mill would disagree with this because it’s not morally right to put all of the suffering on one person or group to benefit the rest of the

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