Marx 's Theory Of Capitalism

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Marx’s theory of capitalism is that there are two groups involved, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie is the factory owners and the proletariat is the working class. He perceives capitalism as the root of all evil, a process in which one group expresses dominion over another group and exploits them. The bourgeoisie owns most of the means of production while the proletariat owns very little of it. Instead they lack the time and energy to realize their class consciousness, or the same position that the working class shares with one another in relation to the means of production. Marx also believes that the working class is influenced by ideologies that the bourgeoisie produces to keep exploiting them, such as pulling it up by the boot straps and working hard to achieve success. Marx believes that the solution to exploitation is for the working class to unionize and then overthrow the bourgeoisie. He pushes a communist society, in which class systems do not exist. I have worked two jobs in my life. One job I love and the other I hated. I am working as a student worker at Mercer Police. My daily duties are writing parking tickets, entering decal information, and patrolling campus. I also jump start vehicles and unlock vehicles for people who have locked themselves out. Even this job is for low pay, 7.25 an hour, I really enjoy it. I do not feel that I am being exploited. I feel that my daily job duties are just right for the amount that I am being paid. My

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