Marxism : The Theory Of Marxism

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Keith Nunez
May 5, 2014
ENG 390
Final Marxism
The theory of Marxism was founded on the ideas created by Karl Marx, he stated that materialism has become part of our nature and that it has created grounds on how we live in our reality. Marxist criticism argues that literature shows a reflection on reality, specifically how the power of social institutions have affected not only the economic world but the mind and ideals of society. Through literature we can see the mental difference in characters based on their social standing. The difference in class is referred to as socioeconomic; Marxists believe that the socioeconomic divide is much stronger than that of race, gender, religion and intelligence. We see through the difference in class levels that the poorer characters tend to have issues that revolve around the word that they live in; while more wealthy characters tend to have more selfish problems. Marxist addresses the classes as follows: The Bourgeoisie, those who have and are fortunate; the proletariat, the have nots/ laborers. We will see through the stories of the characters from our literary works how the issues of the two classes differ, and how they affect the groups internally. I believe that this theory is important to literature because much of what Marxism creates a foundation on is how the literature that we study is a direct reflection of our reality, and through the study of this theory we can better understand this “reality” that we have found ourselves…
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