Mary Rowlandson Narrative

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Throughout Mary Rowlandson’s narrative, we only received a small portion of what it was like to be held in captivity by Indians during the seventeenth century. She refers to her own conflicts and torment to those of which God’s disciples had endured, but had it not been for her sincere faith in Christianity, it is almost certain that she would not have been able to cope with all of the mental and physical agony to go along within her captivity. Though many times the Indians’ savagery made Mary want to die alongside with the rest of her family, she relied upon God and his scripture to keep her strong along the journey of death and captivity because of God’s providence. At sunrise on February 10, 1675, during King Philip's War, Lancaster came under attack by the Narragansett Indians. This is where Mary Rowlandson and her family and friends lived leading up to the attack, the Narragansett were burning all of the houses and structures, killing anyone and everyone except the select ones including Mary herself. Through all of the blazing gun fire and massacre going on outside of the house, there were bullets flying through the walls and striking Mary and her young child. They said “If I were willing to go along with them, they would not hurt me”(70), so she did as a Narragansett captive, but as they were leaving the place she once called home, all she saw were her fellow friends and relatives naked and lying in their own blood cast about the grounds amongst them. As

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