Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein And The Monster

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Throughout Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, many similarities become eminent between Victor Frankenstein and the Creature. Despite their different outward appearances, Victor and the monster have many similar qualities. The major parallels between the creator and the creation include: hunger for knowledge, isolation, role as God, and the utilization of revenge.
Although they have different intentions, both the Creature and Victor Frankenstein display a hunger for knowledge. Victor spends days and nights of stressful labor attempting to research and assemble his creation. Victor compiles research with Henry Clerval and travels to the University of Ingolstadt and around Scotland in order to create another monster. The Creature, on the other hand, spends time learning French, understanding how to read and write, and studying Paradise Lost. The Creature does all of this in the hopes that humans will accept him.
Although the Creature and Victor attempt to lead as normal lives as possible, both spend their lives in isolation. Victor created the Creature, and immediately cast it away due to its horrific appearance. Not only does Victor force the Creature into isolation, he emotionally isolated himself by keeping his creation a secret. The introduction quotes: “... with the secrets comes an increasing sense of his own isolation, a parallel of the isolation felt by the monster.” Aside from the secrets Victor keeps from his family, his friend Henry, and his love Elizabeth,

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