Frankenstein As A Bildungsroman And The Way That People

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Greg Repa
Dr. Arpaia
History 307
12 September 2015

Within the first few years of life, babies gain a sense of self awareness. They start to realize that they are different from the objects and people around them physically. There are many ways that people can feel a sense of self identity or association within a group. People could identify themselves as something small, like the town they are from or the school they attend. Or they could identify as a bigger group of people like their religious beliefs and nationality. This paper will look at “Frankenstein as a Bildungsroman” and the way that people in Europe during the nineteenth century could gain knowledge and a view of self-awareness and how people gain knowledge today. One thing that is fascinating is that the nameless monster in the book is actually the Frankenstein that people tend to think of, with the big square green head, whereas, his creator’s last name is actually Frankenstein. This is important because as the book progresses, the reader gets a sense that maybe the monster and his creator, are not so different after all. Although Victor (the creator) was born with a family and has friends, he distances himself from them when he finds his love for science. They also both try to help humanity at first but then they both feel depressed and remorse from the recent past. They also both use the weather and nature to indicate their mood and feelings. When it is nice outside he is hopeful and

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