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Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus In Marry Shelly’s book Frankenstein, she tells the story of a man named Victor Frankenstein. The character of Frankenstein contains traits that parallel Prometheus from Greek mythology. Through his actions and emotions Victor Frankenstein becomes the modern Prometheus by producing ill-fated actions that carry tragic consequences just as Prometheus’ did. Prometheus was a figure in Greek mythology who created the conflict between mankind and the God’s. Prometheus one day decided to steal fire from the sun and give it to the people for their advantage. Mankind then had the ability to create tools and weapons. Prometheus was then punished by the God’s and was chained to a rock where he was visited by an…show more content…
After Frankenstein gave life to his monster “...the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart (Shelley 35).” He is attempting to play God and created a species even when he cannot create his own parts. This is similar to Prometheus in that he steals fire from the god’s in order to make mankind superior. He also fashions man out of clay using the fire from the sun. He was punished for this by the God’s. Another similarity is that of demands that are placed upon Prometheus and Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s creation commands Frankenstein to make him a female friend. In Frankenstein’s bitterness he destroys his work on the female counterpart and claims that he had been “struck senseless by my creations fiendish threats (Shelley 121). The creation then punishes Frankenstein by killing Henry Clerval and Elizabeth. This parallels Prometheus in that he had the knowledge of the woman who will one day bear a son for Zeus that would one day dethrone the god. Prometheus is interrogated by one of the messengers of the god. He is threatened because he refuses to answer. Prometheus does not give away his knowledge. Both Frankenstein and Prometheus had enormous requests given to them. Both held their ground and did not give in to the people demanding their service and knowledge. Both Frankenstein’s monster and Prometheus’ clay molding of mankind have similarities.

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