Mary Wollstonecraft & Her Legacy Essay examples

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Mary Wollstonecraft & Her Legacy

Following the Enlightenment, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote the feminist novel The Vindication of the Rights of Woman. In this novel she applied rights to females that had formerly been reserved to males, such as unalienable rights. Her novel impacted different areas of society. Wollstonecraft called for the advancement of women’s rights in areas such as education, work, and politics. She also proposes that women are just as capable as men and have a far greater purpose than simply to be pleasing to men. Her novel became a bestseller in the summer of 1792.1 After reading her novel, many women applied her views to their lives to the greatest extent possible in the time period in which they lived. Mary
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The "late hours of rigorous study and lack of outdoor play and exercise" caused Margaret to have recurring nightmares, fits of hysteria, hallucinations and even caused her to sleepwalk. However, it was because of this rigorous studying that Mary contributed to the women’s movement, mainly through her novel, The Vindication of the Rights of Woman.4

Margaret Fuller’s novel, Woman in the Nineteenth Century, employed many similar concepts as Mary Wollstonecraft, but took a slightly different direction. In her novel she writes that everyone under God has certain rights and these rights apply to man as well as woman. She illustrates that human society consists of two components that must work together if harmony is to be reached: the feminine side and the masculine side. For this reason, Fuller insists that women stop playing the subservient role in society,and overcome the role of dependence on man. Similar to Wollstonecraft, she feels that if women advance in society, following their wishes and desires, society as a whole will become better. She explains the inequality and unrest within her contemporary society. Despite advancements for both genders, women remain behind due to
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