Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Essay

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Christian Cruz 1. Interview at least three people and ask them how you come across to them, (your Presenting

Self), then evaluate how you perceive yourself (your Perceived Self) and compare and contrast

your Presenting Self to your Perceived Self.

The first person I interviewed with thought I came across as being a witty, outgoing, and fun to be around type of person.

The second person I interviewed with thought I came across as outgoing, stylish, well-groomed, respectful, and gentleman like.

The third person I interviewed with thought I came across as attractive, fun-loving, caring, and ambitious.

I would describe myself as being a very well-rounded person. I am very friendly and fun to
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The third photograph I chose is one of a family. Family is everything. They are the people that are going to be in your life through the tick and thin and will love you no matter what.

The fourth picture I chose is one of the food pyramid. It is very important to have well nutrition to stay healthy and active to live a long and prosperous life.

The fifth picture I chose is of a couple having sex. Sex is very important. It is being intimate with your partner and showing love toward one another. It is the way new life is formed and if people did not have sex no one would be here today.

4. Write a short advertisement utilizing Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Are you craving to get that one guy’s attention and have no clue how to get him to start looking? Well there is good news; you may have him drooling over you with this little secret of mine. The long anticipated release of the fragrance Mesmerize for women will be sure to rattle up his senses and have him mesmerized with your scent. Mesmerize is now available at your local fine fragrance store.

5. Watch the film “When Harry Met Sally”. Discuss how the film, through the characters, goes

through the stages of relationships. How do the characters resolve conflicts?

In the film “When Harry Met Sally” the characters in the film go through many different stages of relationships. The

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