Mass Incarceration In Ww2

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In the face of mass incarceration and genocide during World War II, the Jews of Central Europe had few options for safe living space. The Nazi campaign against the Jewish people – as well as the other races deemed “degenerate” by the former party – ensured that further residence in Europe was not an option. Additionally, Britain had become an unviable recourse. Initially, its officials had welcomed the Jewish refugees before World War II as they fled the political upheaval in Germany. The war, however, convinced Parliament to forbid further immigration; furthermore, it committed to an aggressive internment policy against German, Austrian, and Italian Jews. Like Britain, the United States slowed the flow of Jewish immigrants – and, as Mandatory Palestine was in conflict, there was no homeland for the Jewish people. The one safe haven left for Jewish refugees was in perhaps the most…show more content…
This agreement – the Treaty of Nanking – allowed Britain to superimpose its sovereignty on five Chinese ports. Promising only trade routes in return, the British had gained administrative rights over Shanghai. Only a few years would pass before the Indian Rebellion and the Second Opium War. The former displayed Britain’s commitment to its commercial routes and colonial subservience, as the revolt quickly collapsed and India fell under the ruling authority of the British Crown. The latter only worsened relations between Britain and China; the Second Opium War fully opened China for occupation by Western powers (an early example of the imperialism to follow worldwide). Britain would cling tightly to its territories in China well into the twentieth century; in Shanghai, this would prove to be
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